One day workshop

Demystifying GIS

on Monday, 14th Jan 2008

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GIS (Geographical Information System) is a systematic integration of computer hardware and software for capturing, storing, displaying, updating, manipulating and analysing the spatial data to solve the complex management problems. With increasingly complex projects, the interaction of often international multidisciplinary functions requires the introduction of effective and efficient data management and sharing solutions. GIS provides tools for creating, managing, analysing and visualising all types of geographic information and is now being used by Engineers and others in every application domain and throughout every aspect of the enterprise, be it on the desktop, in the field, or in collaboration with others. This one-day workshop will help the academicians and engineers to become familiar with the open source GIS technologies and the use of GIS in finding the solutions for the various technical problems.
The workshop will be conducted by Mr. V. Ravi Kumar Director, Centre for Geoinformation Management and Training Inistitute, Geological Survey of India, Hyderabad.