Instructions for filling of online application for Faculty Positions

This page contains information / instructions / tips related to OnLine submission. For eligibility, terms and conditions read "Instructions" available here. You may start filling application form now, by clicking link below. But before you finish it, you need:

  1. Passport size photograph (in original, for pasting on hard copy of application form) and digital form of same photo in png, gif, jpeg, jpg or bmp format (Size 300 x 300 pixel and size < 1000 KB.
    1. See sample photo here.
    2. See "Photo Composition Template" here. Please note photograph needed to be 2 in x 2 in on paper (square in size) and digital size 300 x 300 pixel.
  2. Demand Draft detail: Number, dated, payable of requisite amount
  3. List of documents to be attached with hard copy of application form
  4. All information to be filled. You may view content of application form by clicking here. Please note this is only for information purpose, you need not to fill it. Only OnLine filled form from link given below will be acceptable

You can fill single online form for more than one posts and / or in more than one departments, with single Demand Draft. However amount of Demand Draft will be proportional to number of posts, for which you wish to apply.

On line application form for Faculty Position. Application Form for Faculty Position

On clicking above link for "On line application form for Faculty Position", read it carefully, and press "Next" button available at the end of page.

On next page, before filling any thing, scroll down, reach at the end of page, and click on "Resume later", on filling Name, password, email and solving a simple question, click on "save now". Now you can start filling form, never click "Resume later" again. After doing "Resume later" exercise once, you will get an email (check junk / spam folder, if you don't find it in Inbox, after reasonable time, there may be some delay, though we send email instantly). Now your work is saved all the times. Whenever you want to take break, complete current section / page, click on "next", close browser, shut down computer. Later, open your email, and click on link sent earlier, to resume your partial filled form.

You may go to previous pages / screen, to review or change any information. Doubly ensure that your all data is correctly filled, before hitting "Submit" button at the end of Application Form. After that you can't change any thing.

At this stage you will be presented a link to download pdf. You need to print and sign, then send us with all documents, Demand Draft, so as to reach us before last date.

In case of any difficulty or you need any clarification in connection with on-line submission, diffculty in resuming filling of form, send email to