The objective of this faculty development programme is to provide insights into the field of computing. With the significant advances in information and communication technology (ICT) over the last half century, there is increasingly perceived vision that computing will one day be the 5th utility (after water, electricity, gas, and telephony). This computing utility, like all other four existing utilities, will provide the basic level of computing service that is considered essential to meet the everyday needs of general community. To deliver this vision, Grid and Cloud computing paradigms are developed by extensive research in Virtualization, distributed computing and utility computing. These paradigms are used to reduce the effective cost to the user by providing more flexibility and on-demand services. This programme will be beneficial for academicians and researchers to explore the challenges in the field of computing and will also facilitate them to use computational paradigm for a particular research problem.

The programme will focus on:

          • Underlying concepts for Distributed and Grid Computing.
          • Architectures of Cloud and Grid.
          • Virtualization and Cloud Computing.
          • Research issues on computing paradigms.