Future Plans

Phase -I
1. Replacement of existing electric bulbs with new CFL/LED. New lamps shall be provided to each student free of cost for their hostel room.
2. Replacement of existing Street light sodium lamps with new CFL/LED.
3. Replacement of existing electric bulbs with CFL/LED in the administrative and academic area.

1. Promoting common kitchen/canteen in the hostels for the use of students to fulfill their cooking needs especially required during examination days. This will help us to save electricity used by individuals.
2. Solar heating system for cooking in hostel for the certain types of cooking operations.
3. Rehabilitation of existing solar water heating system in the hostels.
4. Energy efficient faculty home area under concept of Green Buildings
5. Coordination with Punjab Energy Development Agency for exploring the possibilities to use and generate 'Wind Energy' in the campus.
6. Advocacy for replacement and up gradation of college laboratories to equipped with best energy saving practices equipments like replacement of complete lighting system with CFL/LED, replacement of old high energy consuming testing equipments with energy efficient one's.
7. Promoting new motor vehicle policy for campus and for not to use motorized vehicle within the campus especially hostels.

Action Plan
1. Alumni especially those who are with CFL/LED electric companies; to request their organization under corporate social responsibility to adopt GNE campus fully or partially to achieve the target of 'carbon neutral and first CFL/LED campus’ in the country.
2. Requesting college authorities to release some funds or plan future strategy to replace existing electric bulbs with CFL/LED in the campus.
3. Requesting college group of students to take-up their final year project to rehabilitate the solar heating system. May be college faculty can motivate group of students to take-up this task.
4. Requesting our faculty association to replace existing high energy consuming practices with most energy efficient one, this also include the replacement of existing electric bulbs with CFL/LED lamps in their houses and work area. Advocacy about Green Buildings.
5. Requesting NSS unit of college to organize some workshops to educate mess staff/helpers for the promotion to use CFL/LED in their house/work area. NSS or any other club can fund them, to provide free CFL/LED for their houses/work area.