India's First Carbon Neutral Campus

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana campus is on its way to become India's first 100% LED campus in the country. Campus shall also rehabilitate the existing solar water heating system in the hostels. Plastic bags are already banned in the college market, marking it as the first step to make it a carbon neutral campus.

Next to it, a 40w tube-light is being replaced with 4w LED with same lumens and no loss of light. Moreover, a street lamp of 250w will be changed with 85w LED in result saving a large number electrical units in worth lacs annually. Not only it will save electricity but it will also compress the carbon emissions that emits from tubelight chokes. Electricity will be generated from solar energy that is being installed on each hostel and department, with electricity as its backup.

The Electrical Department of GNE will perform "before and after" case study to check the total carbon credit saved/earned. College will generate revenue through this to make this a sustainable project. They also have plans to introduce "solar common kitchens" in the hostels. In case someone needs to cook or boil something, student will not use electrics heater but will insist on solar heating devices.

The project is entirely funded by its large alumni network. Er. Navdeep Asija pledged to adopt a resolution in this regard and will also request others to support for the cause. Meanwhile, "Climate Change Group", convened by Gurmehar Singh that will review the technicalities offered by various leading electric companies and implement it in phased manner.

This is really a consistent feature in the records of college, which is propelling it to attain the highest position of academic and overall excellence. There’s a lot more work to be done to reduce emissions and save energy, but climate change looms as the single most important challenge facing the next generation of students.

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